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Frequentely asked questions

How much does it cost?


Ans: Wedding Photography starts at $3000/- 
Every wedding is unique, so your cost could be less

than above or high. Fill in all the required details in the above contact list. We will do our best to put a smile on your face :) 

We are having a huge wedding, how many photographers and videographers will be covering over wedding?

Ans: Just One Awesome Photographer and One Awesome Videographer. Believe us that is all it takes. All the photos and the video you see on this website are one by them alone. We did weddings as small as with 25 guests to as massive as 1000 guests -three days weddings.  


When are we going to get our Photos and Video?


Ans: At photoKumar lots of love goes into making the final product. 


For photos, it can take up to one to two weeks. 


For video, it takes about three to four weeks. 


How much does the engagement photography cost?


Ans: Engagement photography is FREE (Yes, not kidding) when you book us for your wedding. 


Do you guys travel?


Ans: Yes, we can travel anywhere on this planet Earth to capture your love story. 


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