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How to do your makeup for the colorful Dallas Desi Wedding photoshoot Tip by the Indian wedding pro

Before the tips here is the list of our favorite local Dallas Indian wedding Makeup artists.

The purpose of a couple photoshoot before or after your wedding is to celebrate the elated union of two souls and announce it to the world. Gone are those days when photography was only restricted to the day of your wedding; but, now all of us are in dire need to capture every frame that we choose to spend in merriment. To make this photoshoot a success, along with the other components you must confirm the fact that your makeup is on point and is assisting you to bring out the perfection and glee that you experience around your partner. In the following bit, we have provided a few tips that we think will be helpful while doing your makeup for the couple photoshoot.

Define your eyes

Eyes are the only channel that expresses the raw emotions of a man’s heart; therefore, it is necessary that in your engagement photoshoot, you allow them to speak for themselves. Defining your eyes with the right amount of makeup is imperial to ensure that there is a quintessential balance between them and the rest of your face. Also, make sure that the eyes complement your personality; if you are bold and welcoming to experimentation, draw your eyes with dark and sharp colors and paint your lips with mild hues so that their appeal is enhanced. Keep away from the tedious eyelashes and artificial glue if you want to endow a more natural look to it.

Play with the theme of the photoshoot

In recent times, the growing obsession among couples to follow a theme for their wedding photoshoot is only growing and a way to justify these creative ideas is by complementing it with your makeup. The whole look of the photoshoot will not only include your attire but will brighten up the frame only when blended with the right kind of makeup. PhotoKumar, the Dallas Indian Photographerwill assist you in choosing the right makeup and accessories so that the setting of the photograph doesn’t look indifferent to the subject.

Contour and blend thoroughly

We agree that flaws play a vital role in making you look perfect, but when an artificial object like a camera is used to capture the frame, there is a possibility that they will enhance these imbalances and hide the reality. Thereby, to cover these irregularities you must first blur the spots, contour the edges of your face and blend all the components equally to produce a dewy and genuine look. Furthermore, pay enough attention to your partner's makeup and match up to the factors that they have been trying to emphasize so that the whole look appears complete and one.

Complement your partner

An innovative way to formulate the makeup for a couple photshoot is to make it look like one face and two bodies. PhototKumar, the Indian Wedding Photographer, will furnish you with ideas for how to elevate the creativity of your makeup. If you are planning to pop a few colors on your face, make sure that your partner too is wearing a hint of that shade; additionally, you can design the makeup in such a way that it keeps up with the innocence and energy that your relationship has been through.

Do justice to the location of the photshoot

Your makeup should be in tune with the engagement photoshoot location that has been chosen especially by you and your photographer keeping in mind the needs and desires. Accept it or not, venues play a huge role in deciding the look that you are supposed to don for the day and they must be harmoniously synchronized with one another. If you have picked a location by the seashore or riverside, you can play with the coral and blue colors, or if you have chosen a club or banquet hall to conduct the session, make sure that your makeup has colors like dark brown, black and deep red to keep up with the atmosphere of the photograph.

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