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How to Plan for Engagement Session in Dallas. Follow these easy steps by your Desi Wedding expert.

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Photo shoots these days are not limited to the wedding. Couples want to capture all the moments starting from the first with an engagement photo shoot. These photo shoots are absolutely beautiful showing the happy couple on the day they decided to finalise the union. Indian wedding photographersgenerally do two types of engagement photo shoots- indoors or outdoors. The moment should be perfect be it a surprise proposal or planned engagement. Here are some of the tips that will help you to plan the perfect engagement photo shoot.

1. Communication

Since the day would be special for the two of you, it is necessary that you both have a talk about what and how you would want the photo shoot to happen. The engagement photo shoot location should be special to the both of you even if it’s a surprise. If there are any thematic preference like traditional themed or modern themed that should also be discussed. Try to have a mood board which consists of pictures similar to ones you want ready for the photographer. The photographer will be better able to deliver the kind of photos you want with a concrete reference.

2. Props

People these days like to have thematic engagement photo shoots, something that looks like a story. While indian wedding photographersare equipped to provide many props for photo shoots, it is still better if you carry your own things. Maybe you want banners that say something or have the wedding date. Some couples wish to have a photo shoot around books or a cult then it is preferred that they carry the necessary items. Planning ahead for all this really helps have a good organic photo shoot instead of running helter skelter to gather props for recreating pictures from your mood board.

3. Be on time

When you have a photo shoot planned make sure to arrive at least an hour early to the location. It will allow you to have a look around the location and you can get ideas on where you want pictures. Setting up the photography equipment also take time and if you are late, the whole shoot will be delayed. Many like the Dallas Indian wedding photographerswork on the clock and being late to shoot will cost you more money.

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Sonia & Zariyan

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