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Top 6 Places for Pictures in Cappadochia, Turkey- Destination Desi Wedding Photographer from Dallas.

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

1. The Koza Cave Hotel

The roof terrace of this beautiful cave hotel is a breathtaking spot to watch colorful hot air balloons in Cappadocia during sunrise. The roof top provides not only one of the best views of hot air balloons rising over the Cappadocia Valleys, but also the quietest and least crowded areas since it is more popular among locals than tourists. (Yesss, the perks of speaking my mother’s language!)

We reserved a room here for three nights during our trip to Cappadocia. Staying in this centuries-old cave in the Capadoccia region was a once in a lifetime experience. The room also included beautiful touches and a personal hamam! (When I described my suite to my safari tour guides in Kayseri, they noted that the personal hamam was most probably an upgrade that I oversaw.) Even though the hotels in Cappadocia cost more than other areas in Turkey, this is the place to splurge for that amazing experience because it is an excellent value for your money. This experience was on top of our bucket list in Turkey, and is among our favorite memories from our whole trip.

2. Paşabağ (Valley of the Monks)

Welcome to the wonderland of fairy chimney fairys in Pasabag! Cappadocians believed that these were the chimneys for underground fairies. Wandering through these lunar-like streets felt like stepping into the unknown.

This place does get extremely busy since many tour busses stop here, and we recommend coming in the early morning. Well, we were unable to take our own advice since we were jet lagged. Luckily, we had a few seconds free of people to take pictures, where Kumar quickly slammed himself onto the ground and yelled “POOOOSE!” (I joke that Hubby is like a Safari Photographer when capturing moments).

3. Uçhisar Castle

Uçhisar Castle is the summit and the tallest fairy chimney in Cappadocia. Uçhisar Castle is not exactly a castle, but a rock dwelling surrounded by camels, local shops and tourists. With its busy nature, it feels like the city.

4. Anywhere with hot air balloons at 5 AM.

5. Devrent Imagination Valley

6. Wild Horses Photo Tour (near the country side)

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    Great Photographer truly great photos on time for wedding very professional great photo booth superb online photo album.
    Kumar is definitely nunber one.


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    He photographed my wedding and did amazing! He came early and was very professional. I would definitely use him again!

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    Kumar did an excellent job photographing our daughter's wedding. He worked very hard to get great shots of almost every aspect of the evening. We couldn't be more pleased with his creativity and attention to detail. We highly recommend Kumar. He was nice to work with as well.

    -Karlee B. on June 28, 2015


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    I was quite happy with his professionalism and expertise. We had him photograph our surprise wedding, and he arrived early, and stayed late. He gave us a great quote, and took many pictures. Some of the pictures were a bit over processed before we received the digital copy, but he caught all the major moments, even through all the surprise chaos. I would highly recommend him, and even plan on using him again in the future.

    -Pamela S. on September 26, 2014


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    Kumar was fantastic to work with and his photos of the wedding were beautiful! He performed over and above what he initially promised, meeting us ahead of time for some 'preparation' shots and driving to an additional location in-between the ceremony and reception to re-create the scene of our first date/kiss. Many of his best photos captured natural interactions between my husband and I, the bridal party, and our guests. He was never too imposing. I highly recommend him, especially to anyone looking for a wedding photographer!

    -Olivia L. on July 1, 2014


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    My whole experience with Photo Kumar was excellent! He was responsive, cooperative, creative, friendly, everything we hoped for! SO fast getting us photos, too! His style (photojournalism) was just up our alley, but he was great about getting the standard shots, too. HIGHLY recommend!

    -Samantha P. on April 9, 2014


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    Had a photoshoot yesterday with this awesome guy. He is fun and at the same time professional and is great to work with. We never had a photoshoot experience and were slightly uncomfortable at the beginning but Kumar had done a great job bringing the best poses out of us. We were thrilled to see the pics processed and sent back to us in less than a day's time and the photos were just suuuper! Thanks Kumar and we will definitely invite you over whenever we need another shoot!

    -Joseph T. on February 16, 2014