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Best Indian Wedding Planner in Dallas- Updated for 2023

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Indian weddings are a grand and elaborate affair, steeped in tradition and filled with culture. They are a celebration of love, family, and heritage, and they require a great deal of planning and coordination to ensure everything runs smoothly. This is where a wedding planner comes in, and in Dallas, the best Indian wedding planner is Rama Bhat.

Rama Bhat understands the importance of Indian weddings and the significance they hold for families. She is dedicated to creating a seamless and stress-free experience for her clients by providing personalized service, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of Indian culture and customs.

She starts with understanding the “why” behind the wedding. The reason why the couple wants to get married and what is important for them. From there, she works with her clients to create a unique and meaningful wedding that reflects their personalities and values.

Rama Bhat is also highly experienced and well-connected in the Dallas Indian wedding industry. She has a team of trusted vendors, including photographers, florists, and caterers, who she has worked with for years and who share her commitment to excellence. This means that her clients can trust that their wedding will be captured beautifully, and that all of the details will be taken care of.

As a modern luxury Indian wedding photographer in Dallas, I have had the pleasure of working with Rama Bhat on many occasions. Her attention to detail and her ability to create a beautiful and seamless event is truly unmatched. I have seen firsthand how she makes the wedding planning process stress-free for her clients and how she helps create memories that will last a lifetime.

In conclusion, if you are planning an Indian wedding in Dallas, look no further than Rama Bhat. She is the best Indian wedding planner in Dallas and will ensure that your wedding is a beautiful and meaningful celebration of love, family, and heritage. View your future luxury album here.



Archana and Ashwin's stunningly coordinated destination wedding, held at the picturesque Estate on the Lake, has been proudly featured on Maharani Weddings.

2. Sanjana & Kartik

3. Sneha & Vivek

Dallas/Plano Marriott at Legacy Town Center

4. Visakha and Taylor-Wedding

Renaissance Dallas Hotel

5. Vidhi & Charan

6. Prashanti & Ramakanth

In their highlight video, the venue Cowboys Golf Club in Grapevine TX was a gorgeous setup by Rama.

7. Harini & Abhi

Venue: Courtyard by Mariott Dallas, Grapevine TX

8. Jaya & Harish

Their highlight video:

When it was time for Jaya's pellikuturu, she was ready to take on the ice cold shower!

Her expressions were priceless!

And we wrapped up mehendi celebrations in style!

They had a beautiful indian ceremony in the Las Colinas Country Club! Jaya took a stroll outside in the Country Club's greenery, meditating and posing for us before tying the knot!

Wedding photographer and videographer: PhotoKumar

Bride and Event Essentials: Deepa's Jewel Blooms. Event Coordinator: Rama of Weddings & Events By Rama Bhat Makeup Artist: Vanita Patel Makeup Artist

Book Rama for an Enchanting Wedding Experience at Venues Showcased on Maharani Weddings

Are you dreaming of a wedding that not only celebrates love but also embodies the richness of tradition, the height of luxury, and the vibrancy of culture? Look no further, as we introduce you to Rama, an illustrious wedding planner renowned for orchestrating breathtaking weddings at venues celebrated on Maharani Weddings.

Why Choose Rama?

Rama's expertise in creating magical weddings is unmatched. Known for her meticulous attention to detail, Rama crafts each wedding as a masterpiece, reflecting the couple's unique story while infusing the grandeur and elegance seen in Maharani Weddings' features. Her specialization in luxurious Indian weddings ensures that every element, from the opulent decor to the sumptuous cuisine, is handled with utmost care and precision.

Venues from Maharani Weddings

What sets Rama apart is her exclusive access to venues that have graced the pages of Maharani Weddings. These venues are not just spaces; they are canvases that come alive under Rama's skilled hands. From majestic palaces to serene beachfronts, each location offers a backdrop that's as extraordinary as your love story.

Our Beautiful Couples

Rama Bhat also specializes in Fusion Weddings, Christian Weddings, Indian Weddings, American Weddings, Jewish Weddings, Multicultural Weddings and Destination Weddings!

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