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Hindu Wedding of Ramya & CJ

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

“You searched your soul to do what  you wanted in your life, stepping into a new era. Your mom and I have prepared you for this.”

- Ramya’s Father

How to plan a desi South Indian wedding in Dallas, Texas: By PhotoKumar

For most of us, a wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity so it must be made that extra special. Indian Wedding planners are definitely a saviour as they take all the load off your hands and make sure that you have the perfect day without the hassle of arranging everything. Weddings in India are absolutely sensational with people booking forts, planning to get married on a beach and what not. And there are a host of people fully equipped to get all the things you want on your wedding. But what about those who are getting married abroad. If you are a south Indian and live in Dallas Texas it would be really difficult to find people willing to arrange a desi style wedding for you but do not worry your local Indian wedding Planner and Photokumar can help you make your dream wedding possible. And it is not just about the décor, the rituals also need to be arranged. And most importantly the couple must find a good wedding photographer who would be able to execute the wedding shoot Desi style. Thankfully there are Indian wedding photographers Dallas with whom you can discuss and get your dream wedding shoot. For the rest, here are some ways you can execute a desi south Indian wedding in Dallas.

1. Choosing Indian Wedding Planner.

Traditional South Indian wedding is difficult even in India since there are thousands of little details that must be arranged. Indian wedding planners are trained to carry out every job on behalf of you so mostly arrangements are done so that you can enjoy your traditional wedding. Things get difficult if you are planning on organising a traditional Indian wedding abroad. Choosing the right wedding planners in the west is simply among the one of the most important things. If you are getting married in Texas and want to have the full Desi experience there are certain responsibilities you will have to take along with hiring a wedding planner. Primarily you have to instruct your planner on every detail and tell them how to arrange for the sangeet, the baraat and mehendi, etc. Here are certain things you should know about before instructing your planner. As Desi wedding photographers we work very closely with all local planners and we highly depend on the itinerary wedding planner sets. From the bride and groom waking up to their last dance very details need to be planned and communicated to us.

“Its truly an incredible feeling to see two families seemingly so different genuinely combine as one. In the end, we realize that we, along with our traditions, are not so different after all.”

- CJ’s Sister

2. Rope in some relative help

You are bound to invite several relatives when you are planning to get married outside India and many relatives will fly in from India itself. Ask for their help in bringing things that would be permitted by the airport. They could get many wedding essentials with them like the head gear worn by the groom and the bride. If you wish to wear traditional Indian clothes or from some Indian fashion designer, ask your relatives to carry these with them. There are literally a hundred different things that is needed in traditional weddings and the best idea is to get as many indigenous items as possible flown in from India. Any wedding planner you hire will have to import all the items and the bill can run out of budget easily. If you already arrange for certain things it will be easy on the pocket. If possible try to fly in the purohit or ask some elder of the family to officiate the ceremony.

3. DIY and local items

Even if you hire a wedding planner, you can cut down on decoration costs by insisting on DIY options and trying to make do with the things available locally. A couple who wanted the decoration and flowers to be as desi as possible, grew their own flowers in the backyard. Jasmines and marigolds used for decoration and offerings in the wedding were all grown by them. While you may not be able to do this, you can use your imagination and see what is available locally and use them to give a desi look. If the typical desi wedding needs yellow and orange flowers, try to see what flowers are cheaply available at Dallas and get the colour combination right. With the whole globalisation thing, procuring décor items will not be much of a hassle but anytime you see costs are beyond budget use DIY. For example, you can make marigold flowers out of yellow tissue papers that look better than the original.

“My son has found his calling, his best friend and his soulmate.”

- CJ’s Mother

4. Indigenous photo shoot

You will find no difficulty in finding Indian wedding photographers Dallas, but the locale of Dallas might not be the best place if you would want your wedding album to look like it’s been shot in the beautiful Deccan plateau. But PhoroKumar has a list of local Dallas locations that can be used for the couple photo shoot. These photographs are forever so keep a major chunk of the budget for this part of the wedding. With PhotoKumar expertise's and knowledge of the local locations nothing is impossible. Look at Pinterest and Pin some wedding photos shot in South India by couples. Your wedding photographer should be able to create a whole indigenous setting which will transport you to the South. It was beautiful but also within budget since you are not travelling to exotic locales.

5. Find out local cooks

Any Indian wedding is incomplete without the traditional cuisine. These days many people choose other cuisines because it is convenient and there are chefs easily available to cater those items. However, it is always special to go for one’s traditional cuisine. It makes all the people living abroad who are flying in extremely happy to get to taste food that reminds them of home. It is appreciated by elderly relatives who are flying in from India or elsewhere. Yes do have some other Western options but try to have some traditional items. And the way to get good home like food at your wedding is to look for aunties and uncles living nearby or engage your guests in a fun cooking activity. Everyone can contribute and at the end you will have a great feast with minimal cost. The ingredients are getting easier to buy with so many Indian shops popping up all over the state. Even your friends from other countries will love to participate and taste the cuisine of your home. It can be a very immersive experience.

South Indian wedding- Highlight Video: DFW Hindu Temple, Irving Texas

6. Choosing Indian Wedding Priest