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Indian wedding engagement photoshoot posing inspirations by PhotoKumar: Indian wedding photography.

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

How to pose: PhotoKumar to take care of the posing

The idea of being in front of the camera as its primary subject on the day of your wedding or engagement can seem extremely unnerving and this can, in turn, meddle with your confidence and ruin the pictures. Therefore, needless to say, that rightly posing for the camera under the guidance of an expert can turn the session into a fun experience and ensure that the photographs generated make you look no less than a professional model and at the same time preserve your individuality. In the section below, we have provided 5 essential tips on how to pose.

A natural and comfortable pose

While clicking pictures that we know are special and will hold relevance for the rest of our lives, we automatically tend to become more conscious under this pressure which in turn makes our bodies look crumbled and the smile, forced. To eliminate this discomfort completely and especially on the day that commemorates a special occasion in your life, you need to be guided by a photographer who will let you be at ease and help you with poses that will add up to your natural gorgeousness. PhotoKumur that is an Indian Wedding Photographerwill assess a few postures first and then accordingly instruct you to relax your face and body so that the joy and merriment of your heart find true expression in the photographs.

Mind the contours and angles of your body

Trying to imitate a pose by your friend that you earlier loved for your wedding might not be the best idea given the fact that all body shapes and sizes are not identical. That’s when you would need your photographer to help you; for girls, the direction is mostly to situate one of your hands on your hip so that the contours are effortlessly visible and the structure looks disciplined. In the case of your legs, you will be asked to bend your knees or put forward one of your legs so that your body along with your face is introduced to a subtle angle without making you look stiff.

Choosing the best profile

The two sides of the human body are not symmetrical; the differences are too intricate for you to define and comprehend and that’s when you will need the photographer to identify the sharp features of your body to be captured in the pictures. PhotoKumar, the Dallas Indian photographerwill assist you to put your best foot forward in the pictures that will hold memories for a lifetime.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Wedding and engagement photoshootsare once in a lifetime opportunity; and with ace photographers from PhotoKumar, you have the privilege to invest time and experiment with unique and fun poses. Long gone are those days when brides and grooms were made to stand side by side with their families through every photograph; in this new age of the unusual, be your natural self and indulge in fun with your partner, try to do quirky actions that somehow define your relationship and fondness for one another. Nobody knows your heart better than you and therefore you must convey your desires to your photographer so that he can arrange the perfect props, lightings, and directions about whether or not to look at the camera so that the raw sentiments of your heart are glaring in the pictures.

The perfect spot

For your wedding and engagement pictures to come out perfectly dressing up in the most stunning attire is not the only criteria; wisely choosing wedding and engagement photoshoot locationsis also a crucial branch of the whole arrangement. PhotoKumar will oblige you by suggesting a few locations that will uphold the essence of your story of union and employ the backdrops to further enhance the beauty of the photograph in a way that the restricted frame of the picture will have infinite narratives each time you look at it.

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