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The Moment

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“The Highest Happiness on the Earth is the Happiness of Marriage—William Lyon Phelps.”

Welcome To The PHOTOKUMAR!

From Gujarati wedding to Telugu wedding, from Tamil wedding to Islamic wedding, we can make every wedding event special— we are expert photographers, and we know how to capture the happy moments in a lens.We are known for our epic engagement photoshoot; Dallas, National parks or anywhere in the World your heart desire. 

Beautiful flowers, the laughter of happiness, energetic music, and all the lovely people, marriage is the most special and sacred event in anyone’s life. After delicious food has been eaten, flower sagged, the music faded, photographs are the only special things left of your beautiful wedding day. Through those lovely photos, one can relive that day again and again throughout his life. So, it becomes very vital to choose the professional photographer that can help you make your beautiful and special day even more special. At PHOTOKUMAR we are the best storyteller wedding photographers. Our team of expert photographers understands how much important is your wedding day.

We at PHOTOKUMAR make each attempt possible to make your special day as one of the most memorable and cherish days of your life. We not only capture photos but create memories out of moments and help you preserve those beautiful memories for years. Our team is specialized in Gujarati wedding photography, Telugu wedding photography, Tamil wedding photography, and Islamic wedding photography. We have covered many wedding events and are on our way to add more to our experience. We have been in this industry for the past many years, and love the culture, traditions, and colors of every type of wedding.

Types Of Wedding Events We Cover

We are specialists, and we know how to cover all kinds of wedding events, whether it is a Hindu wedding ceremony or a Muslim wedding ceremony, we without being discriminate focus on our work and show the exceptional results. We can cover all types of Indian weddings; from Gujarati weddings to Tamil or Telugu weddings, we have learned the nuances of various cultures and know-how to make each one different from others. From camera angles to poses, we know what you want and how it should be. Being specialists in Indian wedding photography, we can create infinite aurora spectrums where we only capture the happy moments of groom and bride. Rely on us for the best wedding photos, albums, and the overall great experience with PHOTOGRAPHY.


Gujarati Wedding Photography

We save precious and traditional moments every time. PHOTOKUMAR captures every moment from bride and groom getting ready moments to the arrival of baraat (procession with the groom and his family entering the wedding venue), from garland exchange to the seven circles around the pious fire and the most precious moment of rings exchange and of course mangal-sutra, our team spread everywhere, capture every moment with perfection, and know what angel will capture the real feel. Every special moment of the wedding creates limitless memories. From vidai to griha Pravesh, every ritual is pious, and we know how much it is essential for you. Photographing such gentle moments is quite tough; but not for us. We promise to capture the best moments that make an Indian wedding so unique. 

Islamic Wedding Photography

"Assalamu’Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh"

Heartily congratulations! You have already completed half of your faith! You have come to the right place. Wedding is a special day regardless of the region or religion. We understand that different Islamic rituals are observed or performed at Islamic weddings. If you are looking for a professional Islamic wedding photography services, then you are in the right place. All you need is to get in touch with us today. We are professionals, and we know how to offer the best services at the best rates. We offer you complete halal experience from start to finish. So trust in our services, we are the leader in our field.

Tamil Wedding Photography

We know capturing the perfect poses is crucial. Capturing once in a lifetime memories at the most special and unpredictable times is what we excel at. It is the cornerstone to keep the images unique and memorable. Our team of professional photographers knows how to make a Tamil event full of energetic and love by capturing the lovely moments of the couple and the families. From documenting photos that combine energy composition, light, and color to settle them in an album, we remain by your side, no matters what. Our style choices are different; we are desi, we are contemporary, we are versatile in whatever we do, which is something to help us to stand alone among the competitors. Nothing could beat us in whatever we do, and that is something unique in us. We are offering professional Tamil wedding photography services in Dallas, TX.

Telugu Wedding Photography

Are you looking for the professional Telugu wedding photography services in Dallas, TX? If so, then you have come to the right place. We have been here for you, and working as the best international wedding photography company who is on its way to serve the customers with the best and nothing else. We want to be with you on your most special day of life. Just give us a call, and we would be there for you with our high-quality and outstanding Telugu wedding photography services.

Special Pricing For Special Indian Weddings

We know all Indian weddings require special packages based on various events or functions. PHOTOKUMAR offers flexible wedding shoot services according to events and the requirements. As Indian weddings require additional coverage, various wedding events, so we offer special customized packages for each wedding. So you don’t need to worry whether you need professional photography services for pre-wedding events or main day event, we offer you special packages which don’t put the burden on your pocket. Get peace of mind, focus on your main day, and leave rest to us. We are ready to capture your feelings attach to the special moments in the lens of our cameras. Contact us now!

Indian Wedding photography at -Hilton Dallas-Plano-2019. Contact us with your wedding and pre-wedding dates and times for custom photo and video quotes.
South Indian wedding photo and video packages in Dallas Texas.

Creativity At Its Peak!

Hey, we believe photography is beyond capturing the moments. It is all about creativity. Creativity to capture something uniquely with the right correction of lights, colors, with beautiful backgrounds. Our team is expert in Indian wedding photography. They follow a unique combination of lighting techniques along with the extremely creative post-production, which allows us to create outclass, imagery results for your wedding.

“Capturing Your Special Event In An Ultra-High Definition.”

We believe every second that goes by takes away with itself a great moment of life, a memory that is cherished able, an extremely valuable tear, and an unforgettable laugh. We at PHOTOKUMAR, capture the best moment from your precious day of life. Our photography team specializes in capturing captivating photos with a great artistic touch for weddings. 

While you are extremely busy enjoying your special day, we take all the responsibility and pleasuring of capturing your priceless moments. We, as a strong team, do complete homework from the moment you decide to book with us, on what you like and what you want on your wedding or who is dear to you. So even after years when you see your pictures, you will find them fresh, filled with love, and mesmerizing. PHOTOKUMAR specialize in capturing all the beautiful jiffies by using props, unique backgrounds, foregrounds to give ultra-feel.

Capture All Vibrant Colors Of An Event

The colors are the main thing that we can easily observe in all Indian Weddings. However, our success with our Indian Wedding Photography has been because of our exceptional ability to capture the beautiful and vibrant colors with our latest techniques. The best part of our service is we don’t use extra vintage fades or other effects by always try to keep the natural scene intact. But sometimes it becomes essential to use the best HDR photographic techniques to bring out the real feel and attractiveness. Our professional team uses all the required resources, knowledge, and the tools to capture the fantastic actions, emotions, and the colors of the beautiful Indian Wedding.

The Most Important Day— Baraat Day